Threat Analytics & Predictive Modelling

Data and Analytics driven security practices help organizations utilise available security related information to detect hidden threats and predict future ones. Secure Matrix provides Threat Analytics & Predictive Modeling using structured, unstructured or machine learning data-stream. Our security experts, Big Data Technologists and Data Scientists provide Information analytics


Our Threat Analytics and Predictive Modelling services are driven by:

  • Digital Logs using log aggregator sensor nodes
  • Comprehending Threat vector and Risk prioritization
  • Finalisation of sensor nodes and arriving at data mining strategy
  • Building Machine Learning Capability to improve anomaly detection
  • Application of articial intelligence methods for predictive analysis
  • Maturing the process and automation

 Value Proposition

Usage of predictive analytics and research warehouse of Secure Matrix for managing the end-to-end IT security through customized reporting and security analytics. Adoption of correlation engines and Big Data analytics for early risk identication, improved alerts accuracy, reduced storage on account of unstructured data analytics platform and a calibrated measurement system for security control effectiveness.

Common Criteria

 Service Offering

  • Scalable analytics engines
  • Consolidated warehouse for security data
  • Centralized management dashboard
  • Automated data normalization
  • Pattern-based monitoring techniques
  • Rich correlation of events vs incidents
  • Full network packet capture
  • External threat intelligence services
  • Active countermeasures and controls
  • Integrated compliance management
  • Technical controls and indicators
  • Case analysis and best practice sharing
  • Modeling and simulating Insider Threat
  • Security Metrics Dashboarding