Security Operation Center

Secure Matrix provides Security Operation Center services for enterprise Information Systems (applications, websites, data centers, servers, databases, networks, desktops and other endpoints) to help its client establish system monitoring processes and support them in managing the security event through timely detection, identification, classification and action.


Holistic approach that factors critical phases of Prepare, Prevent, Detect, Respond, Recover for managing Cyber Security Operations through:
  • Real-time monitoring / management
    • Aggregate Logs
    • Aggregate Data
  • Coordinate response and remediation
  • Reporting to management, auditors, security staff
  • Analytics for incident identification and prioritisation
  • Post Incident analysis
    • Forensics
    • Investigations

 Value Proposition

Supporting clients on efficient correlation, data mining and application of homegrown heuristic analytics methodology for proactive protection and early detection of potential incident causing events. Additionally, we facilitate efcient post incident recovery in compliance with applicable regulations and carry out detailed Post Incident Review analysis for Root Cause identication.

Security Operation Center

 Service Offering

  • Status Monitoring & Incident Detection – SIEM/AV/IPS/DLP Console
  • Initial Diagnostics and Incident Isolation
  • Problem Correction
  • Security Systems & Software management– DAT Updates/corrective IDS/IPS, Firewall Rules
  • Computing Equipment and Endpoint monitoring
  • Third-Party Vendor interaction
  • Escalations and Reporting
  • Closure of Incidents
  • Analytics based predictive modelling
  • Persistent Threat Investigation