Red Team Consulting

Secure Matrix provides RED Teaming as a service offering for enterprises in testing their defences utilising a holistic approach of offensive and intrusive testing, using intelligence for understanding cyber threat, gauging effectiveness of detection mechanisms and solution recommendation.


Our Red team carries out specific functions of offensive security, war-gaming, control mechanism assessments through the following:

  • Structured design and implementation testing leading to full-scope penetration testing engagements, using custom-built tools to simulate exfiltration tactics related to various persistent attacks
  • Testing of security deployment’s performance to assess preparedness, vulnerabilities and limitations
  • Emulate adversary to create real time threat scenario for meeting the goals of Inspect, Detect and Protect
  • Support with focus on intelligence gathering, profiling, process analysis, 3rd party suppliers, employee awareness and social engineering

 Value Proposition

Focus on often neglected aspects of traditional IT security implementation and policies by entwining security testing with state of the art security intelligence techniques and demonstrating Return on Investment in security personnel, technology, resources.

 Service Offering

  • APT simulations and Custom Malware Insertion
  • Assessment of malware detection capabilities
  • Wargaming exercises
  • Specialized perimeter security & compliance assessments
  • Penetration Testing of:
    • Network Infrastructure including VPN, VOIP
    • Wi-Fi networks
    • Web and Mobile Applications
    • Mobility devices