Information Security Certification and Accreditation programs aim at providing this assurance however the cost and complexity of the program is a cause of concern resulting in absence or ineffectiveness of program adoption in many organizations. Secure Matrix offers an Integrated Management System that provides a simple, self-assessment based risk and control identification framework for achieving compliance to various applicable Industry standards and regulations.


An integrated system that leverages active participation from various functions within the client organisation for achieving assurance on various compliance requirements through:
  • Self-assessment based assessments and evaluations
  • Increased efciency by reduced cycle time between compliance reporting and remediation
  • Granularity on thematic compliance requirements and point in time compliance status

 Value Proposition

Reduced cost of operations and increased compliance assurance in meeting various Regulatory and Compliance requirements through optimisation of resources and baselining the requirements. A powerful execution strategy that empowers the workforce for collective responsibility towards achieving security assurance through self-assessments, automated reporting.


 Service Offering

  • Compliance programs for SME
  • Supplier and Vendor Due Diligence
  • Statement of Compliance as mandated by Regulations/Statutes
  • Scalable component of Existing GRC tools
  • Insight on Security Posturing as requested during RFPs/RFIs
  • Real time security health check basis critical incident notification