Secure Matrix provides ICS/SCADA Security services for ensuring readiness to cyber attacks, insider threats and unauthorised /unsecure access to sensitive infrastructure inline with NIST recommendations. ICS/SCADA security assessments, Design architecture reviews, Effective monitoring and security engineering practices can help create a trustworthy resilient system for ensuring continuity of critical operations.


We use a multi-tiered and phased approach for securing ICS/SCADA systems through:
  • Assessment of ICS threats and vulnerabilities
  • ICS security program development and deployment
  • Platform / Network architecture and security
  • ICS Security control environment
  • Specialised Training and Awareness on ICS controls
  • Red Teaming practices for vulnerability identiļ€cation

 Value Proposition

Ensuring Integrity and Availability of critical infrastructure using NIST recommended security programs and control practices, thereby reducing threat surface area and providing security assurance against targeted attacks. Assist in developing trustworthy resilient systems through adoption of security engineering design supported by research based findings.


 Service Offering

  • ICS Security program aligned to ISA99, NERC, CIP & CFAT standards
  • Site assessments for ICS vulnerabilities
  • ICS Application assessments using Threat Modelling, White / Black box testing
  • Network security & ICS protocol level assessments
  • Authentication, Authorization, Accountability controls
  • Redundancy and Recovery
  • Training and awareness