Secure Matrix has a team of highly-experienced computer forensic investigators who have worked with law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and corporations. Our team can facilitate investigation of computer- and network-related crimes through identification and extraction of data, full litigation support and expert testimony.

Secure Matrix provides Cyber Forensics & e-Discovery solutions that aid individuals, companies, law firms, and law enforcement agencies from across the globe. Our targeted form of forensics offers high-tech security solutions with a wide range of products and services.


Provide training on digital evidence collection process, digital forensics and facilitate lab setup thereby improving the turnaround time for case resolution. Training and exposure to prepare electronic documents using best practices model, regular analysis for ensuring quality, key steps include:

  • Acquire electronic data in legally acceptable format
  • Initial Production Interview and Data Harvest
  • Document Processing for identifying potentially responsive documents
  • Document Production for case management software such as Summation, Ringtail and Concordance
  • On-line repository through our partner

 Value Proposition

Access to the Secure Matrix cyber forensics methodology and experienced professionals in managing the incident investigations and recovery. Controlled and well-designed e-Discovery workflows inline with the legally mandated evidence handling lifecycle.

Common Criteria

 Service Offering

  • Identify, Extract, Document computer-based evidence using deep search technique
  • Provide litigation support and expert testimony
  • Forensic tools and analytics capability for APT detection and Insider threat management
  • Investigate theft of intellectual property, trade secrets, especially software theft
  • Investigate Inappropriate usage of computing resource, Corporate misconduct
  • Recover and reconstruct deleted documents