Given the nature of advanced and sophisticated cyber & spear phishing attack, the most acute security challenge facing enterprises today is producing intelligent manpower who are resilient against social engineering and are capable of comprehending anomalous behaviour of computing system. Secure Matrix enables organisations with the ability to bolster their employee’s ability towards spear- phishing, malware-lure, click-based Unicode insertion attacks in turn providing deep insight to employee behaviour over a period of time using multi-tier, automated/semiautomated social-engineering campaign for making organization failsafe against “Human Control Dysfunction”.

 Value Proposition

SStructured approach to culture building process in the client organization by utilizing simulation based continual assessment techniques in tur ensuring cyber security maturity amongst individuals. Customized thematic training modules with special focus on lessons learnt during security incidents.

 Service Offering

  • Simulation based awareness, training and education in cyber security engineering, compliant to NIST SP 800:50
  • Periodic assessments of employees through simulated Social Engineering techniques
  • War-gaming scenarios and role play for security incident handling
  • Virtual Training Environment based learning
  • Specialized domain trainings for key IT staff
  • Customised awareness programs for Inculcating behaviour of reporting incidents,vulnerabilities
Culture Building