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Consulting Services

Secure Matrix consulting services aims to assist their clients in achieving business consistency & continuity. Secure Matrix works from visioning to implementation and then maintenance of the entire GRC and the required technical support. Secure Matrix helps its clients in forming the different contours that serve as lines of defences against outsiders and insider damage whether wilful or negligent in nature. Our consultants provide an overall review of the configuration of the operating systems; present the audit findings & assist in identifying opportunities for improvement. Secure Matrix offers consulting services in the following domains:

ISO  20000/27001
Security Audits
Security Policy
Cyber Forensics
Digital Security and Certificates
SOX and Basel 2 compliance
Two-Factor Authentications
Integrating Security within existing IT Infrastructure
Securing Mobility Solutions
Data Protection Act
Privacy laws – country specific and supporting them with correct pravctivces and solutions.
Solution building for the client / end customer post consulting, implementation and integration. The solution will help the end customer in maintining 24 x 7 the security band created by us post the consultation and the implementation.
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
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